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Who we are

We are the Platform Voice of the Prisoners. We are the force of solidarity with those men and women kept in prison due to their struggle for freedom and social justice. We are a huge network of volunteers, of activists and supporters working in many different countries of Europe.

We are doing this work for 23 years. Until September 2015, we worked under the name Solidarity Committee Free Prisoners Europe (AÖTDK). Due to the enlargement of the scape and aim of our activity, the length of the name and the difficulties translating it into European languages we decided to continue with the name Platform Voice of the Prisoners (TSP).

The Platform Voice of the Prisoners works with the aim to increase solidarity with

revolutionary and antifascist prisoners in Turkey and Kurdistan,

revolutionaries effected physically by death fast, fascist attacks or torture,

families of prisoners and immortals,

and the imprisoned freedom fighters from different countries of the world.

We reject any kind of national narrow-mindedness. We believe in internationalism. For 11 years we are in contact with the International Red Aid (SRI) and since the last three years we are an active member of the SRI. Moreover, we are member of France Le Cri, entering its second year of struggle.

We take our force from the struggles of the working class and the oppressed for dignity, freedom and social justice, the fight for socialism, the longing for a world without classes, exploitation and gender discrimination. Solidarity with those who are kept in prison, who became immortal, who lost parts of physical abilities in these struggles and with their families is the minimal condition of being a human in our understanding. We reject any form of feigning death, surrender to fear, egoism and indifference. We are convinced that every man end every women no matter which age can do something for a new life, a new world.

Che said “Solidarity is the tenderness of the peoples”

We call on everyone with a human heart to contribute to the work of the Platform Voice of the Prisoners, to support and spread it, to assume tasks, to broaden and strengthen the network of solidarity. Do not let the prisoners, the veterans and their relatives alone. Let us strengthen solidarity by taking the world into the prison cells.